Your Attorneys are simply the people you have chosen to act for you, should you lose mental capacity.

Rather obviously, you need to choose at least one attorney. You can have as many attorneys as you like, although consider that the more you have, the more difficult it can be to get everyone to agree.

You must discuss the fact that you want someone to act as your attorney with them before you include them in your POA.

Before you select your attorneys, consider:

  • How many attorneys do you want?
  • Will the attorneys you’ve chosen be able to work together?
  • Do you trust the attorneys that you’ve chosen to act in your best interests?
  • How well do your chosen attorneys know you and how well do they understand you?
  • How willing will your attorneys be to make what can sometimes be difficult decisions for you?

Don’t choose people to be your attorney just because you don’t want to offend them by leaving them out..

When making a Power of Attorney, remember that you can choose different people for each part. You may feel more comfortable leaving your finances (Continuing Power of Attorney) in the capable hands of certain family members, and the more personal decisions covered by the Welfare Power of Attorney for health and welfare in the hands of others.